• fatmalovestodraw:

    بنت ترسم صبيان (girl drawing boys)

    ballpoint pen on A4 paper

    the others in the series (1,2,3)

  • fatmalovestodraw:

    (Girl Drawing Girls) بنت ترسم بنات

    Hair drawing on A4 paper.

    I spent around 5 hours with lots of breaks including watching the latest episode of Vikings!!

  • fatmalovestodraw:

    “We suffer from the condition of being addressable.” _Claudia Rankine, Citizen

  • sketchbook play


  • Me and the other woman 

    Front and back, or, back and front

  • fatmalovestodraw:

    الممنوع مرغوب . the prohibited is desired. 

    Ballpoint pen on A4 paper. 

    And this post cannot be complete without what my friend riadovoidostoevsky​ wrote:

    the prohibited is desired
    bedriddden, in feverish dreams
    heady, haram

    what was banned is boldly asserted
    I slaver to break taboo
    shatter statutes

    burning with grasping hands
    give me what I cannot have
  • Sketchbook play in and on the way to Cuba. 

  • My last drawing in 2014. :)

    Happy new year, Tumblr. <3

  • Sketchbook play.

  • Sketchbook play. 

  • Untitled sketchbook. 

  • The new sketchbook: I am not mine. :)

  • Present of a future and a past. 

  • What happened in Vermont.. i take it with me everywhere. 

    I started this sketchbook around the same week the Glasgow School of Art had fire. I was having a hard time starting a new sketchbook and it was withapencilinhand who suggested that i go with the GSA one. :)

  • Sketchbook play. Remember when i bought that 400 page Marvel coloring book from Target? Yeah, this was the result. 

  • Sketchbooking. All i can say is that i was having a bad day when i drew this. 

  • More scans from my GSA sketchbook! I look forward to visiting Ruben’s Saint Francis next summer and see what i’ll come up with in my sketchbook(s). :)